The fortified Tenuta dates back to 600. It was built in an exclusive village of ‘ 400, in the heart of Salento, with original watchtowers to prevent eventual attacks from enemies. Located near the Romanesque-Byzantine Abbey S. Maria a Cerrate, today it is a very important testimonial of the ancient histories of these lands.

The Tenuta has a precious hypogeal olive oil mill, the storage rooms of the olives and the shelters of the Frantoiani (olive oil makers). A place that emphasizes the importance and richness of the whole complex in the past centuries, that can also be chosen for your reception as indoor option.

Divided between two farms, the 24 rooms and suites, of austere elegance typical of the farms of Salento are all furnished with taste and attention to detail, each with unique peculiarities.

The flagship is the restaurant with summer Terrace which proposes genuine dishes, typical of the culinary tradition of Salento and Puglia, expertly proposed by the chefs, but also recipes of Italian and international cuisine. Every meal a regal moment, unique, to be tasted in a natural setting exalted by a refined environment.

The olive garden is ideal for symbolic ceremonies, followed by an unforgettable “al fresco” reception, under the trees linked by fairy lights!