Trullo della Selva

Published on 6 May 2021 in Marti's blog

Destination Wedding in Puglia? Book your trulli houses!

The experience you can’t surely miss while you stay in beautiful Puglia is to sleep into a trullo house! These unique cone-roof houses are the symbol of the region, created from the farmers many years ago, with the purpose to rest in a chilly place during the pauses from their hard work in the fields.
Many of our lovely couples have been fallen in love with trulli along the years, some of them bought properties to be able to have their annual holidays in Puglia, reminding the stunning wedding days and spending a relaxing period in their loved places.
This is obviously the greater gift for me, since I can have a pizza with my couples every summer, have the pleasure to see their children growing and feel myself part of the family!!
The wedding planner is not just a job, it entails a big responsibility from my side: interpret the bride and groom desires for their most important day and make them reality. To achieve this goal, I need to know them deeply and establish a strong relationship with them, creating a synergy that naturally brings a successful event.
As you can imagine, this bond can’t be break after the wedding! This is surely the best luck of being a passionate planner: have new friends for life!!
The best example of my premise is surely the Brookes family, leaded by Tony, whose love for Puglia is unfinished! I helped his daughter Becky with the wedding planning over 10 years ago, when they also decided to buy a trulli property and give it new life.
After careful restoration works, the trulli are now 2 wonderful holiday houses with private pool: Trullo Grande and Trullo Piccolo, ideal accommodation for your stay in Itria Valley!
Please click this link to see all the details and pictures: we are waiting for you in Puglia!!!