Set in the heart of Trani public garden, with breath taking sea view, this fort is a town hall site where civil weddings are officiated by the mayor.

Trani, 43 km away from Bari, is one of Puglia’s most interesting cities. Overlooking the sea like an elegant pale-stone amphitheater, it features a recently restored small port, the town’s crowning jewel.

Visiting Trani, you can’t miss to start from the Cathedral of San Nicola Pellegrino, a Romanesque gem by the sea. Unusually tall compared to other religious buildings in the region, the Cathedral boasts a richly decorated interior and two crypts dedicated to San Nicola and Santa Maria, along with San Leucio’s hypogeum.

Not far from the Cathedral, the Castello Svevo (Swabian Castle) is an imposing fortress built by Frederick II. Behind the port, you can explore the Jewish quarter of Giudecca, a maze of small alleyways, synagogues and artisans’ shops. Nearby, you’ll find the Villa Comunale with its relaxing seafront public gardens and the fort, while a mile or so out of the town, there’s the Monastery of Santa Maria Colonna.

The elegant port, enclosed by the piers of Santa Lucia and Sant’Antonio, is the town’s beating heart. Here you can buy fresh fish or enjoy a glass of the famous Moscato wine by the sea, before diving into the local nightlife.

Reception can be arranged in one of the gorgeous restaurants by the water.