Verdeca is a white grape variety that is predominantly grown in the Puglia region of southern Italy, specifically in the provinces of Bari and Taranto. It is known for producing crisp, refreshing wines with high acidity and delicate floral and citrus aromas.

Verdeca wines are typically light to medium-bodied, with a pale straw color and a clean, fresh taste. The wine has a delicate aroma, with notes of lemon, lime, and white flowers. It is often used in blends, but can also be found as a single varietal wine.

Verdeca is a versatile wine that pairs well with a variety of foods, including seafood, salads, and light pasta dishes. It is also a good match for soft cheeses, such as fresh mozzarella and goat cheese.

Some of the most notable DOCs (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) for Verdeca wines include Gioia del Colle and Locorotondo, both located in the Puglia region of Italy. These wines are highly regarded for their quality and are often considered some of the best examples of Verdeca wines.

In recent years, Verdeca has gained popularity among wine enthusiasts and has been increasingly sought after as a trendy and refreshing white wine. As a result, some winemakers are experimenting with new winemaking techniques to create unique and interesting Verdeca wines that stand out from traditional styles.

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