Wedding in Monopoli

Published on 13 August 2016 in Marti's blog

I am sure all couples coming to Italy wish to find a special place to say “I do”and my job is often find the perfect one for them! In the case of Craig and Suz, a lovely couple coming from the U.K., my researches has brought the result that they wanted: an ancient small church on top of a hill dominating the Adriatic sea! This church has a great historical value, according to many scholars, the church was part of an old farm; on the other hand, according to the Bull of Pope Alexander the IIIrd, it was part of a nuns monastery, built around the XII century, on lands that belonged to the Abbess. Its name derives from the St. Michael the Archangel and from the Bishop Michele who blessed it(during his episcopate) between 1144 and 1176. The church has got an Apulian Romanesque style. It is believed that there were many frescoes, because of the painted plaster traces remained on the walls. On the outside, thanks to a small bell tower and the brightness of its white plaster, the rock crypt stands out within the surrounding unspoilt country.

All guests remained speechless at their arrival in front of this lovely site and the emotion grew when the bride appeared with dad on board of a trendy fiat 500!The celebration was intimate and very suggestive.And of course all guests enjoyed rice and petals throwing when bride and groom step out the church!Country reception was held in a stunning white Masseria near Monopoli, where guests tasted the best Apulian specialties cooked by expert chefs!