masseria le torri

Surely one of the most beautiful and magical places in Puglia. Located in the countryside of Polignano a Mare, among olive trees, prickly pears and dry-stone walls as far as the eye can see, where time seems to have stopped and life goes on according to natural rhythm.

The farmhouse of 1600 has been passed from father to son for generations, up to Mimmo, who is the actual owner with her creative wife Silvana. Today this ancient peasant house has become a refuge open to those who love our land and its traditions. As in the past, the sheets smell fresh, the real flavors come out of the kitchen and everything is pervaded by mamma Enza’s sense of welcome and generosity. For her, the rooms had to be always ready and the table set, in case a relative, a friend or a neighbor came to visit her.

During the renovation they moved gently, touching the structure as little as possible, to enhance the existing and bring the guests back in time. That’s why, as used in the ancient farms, the floors are made of concrete, stone or old wooden boards and the windows have no curtains, but shutters. The wardrobe is replaced by an olive branch that recalls the farmer’s habit of hanging his jacket on a tree before starting work in the fields.

Although Polignano with its rocky outcrop overlooking the sea is only a handful of km away (4,50 to be exact), you can’t miss a stop at the pool! Hidden by a drywall, among oleander bushes, jasmine and large lemon trees, you will discover it following the sound of flowing water, the only sound to break the silence of the place.

The masseria boasts 10 rooms able to host up to 29 guests if we consider the possible extra beds. A minimum stay of 3 nights is requested in case of buyout.

The venue is authorized for legally binding wedding to be officiated onsite from the local town hall. Any outdoor area can be used and set up according to your taste.

In case of bad weather, the reception can be carried out indoor (60 maximum guests) or arranged outdoor by hiring a tensile structure.

Pizza party or any other side event you may like can be easily arranged at the venue on the days before or after the wedding.