Engagement photoshooting in the Countryside

Published on 17 March 2020 in Marti's blog

It happened less than 2 months ago, the pre-wedding photo shooting of Lillian and Jehan, a lovely couple who opted for the spectacular Apulian countryside.

In this blog, in addition to introducing you with a selection of Lillian and Jehan’s engagement shooting, I would like to briefly explain what these short pre-marital photo shoots consist of. We love them so much and we always like to propose them to our future couples. The photo shoot takes place in a romantic setting, with the future spouses who ideally exchange the “promise of marriage”.

The duration may vary according to the desired spots to be included in the shooting, by the way it is generally not longer than two hours. The best time is within 5-6 months before the Wedding.

For the Engagement Photography Service, we always suggest external spaces as the ideal ones, Lillian and Jehan are the perfect example showing how the Italian amazing landscapes are able to highlight the future bride and groom.

This moment is very important, since it represents the first opportunity for the couple to get to know and work with the professional photographer. The one who will then presumably take care of the photo shoot of their Wedding and who will surely do a perfect job, strong of this first, very important experience with the couple.

It is also a great opportunity to be able to get familiar with the camera.

Looking at the blog photos, it is clear that Lillian and Jehan have quickly abandoned the shyness of the first moments. The impression is that they threw their body and soul into their Engagement, enjoying everything, until the last drop of sun available.

They wanted their pictures in Ostuni, then some additional ones in a spectacular Masseria located nearby, where trees, bushes, views and original buildings were the perfect frame to their authentic love.

An incredible alternation of colors framed the natural and spontaneous photographs of this beautiful and friendly couple. We can’t wait to see you again in September for the big day!!!