apulia wedding

The venue looks like a farm in the vineyard. The stunning vineyard that embraces the masseria gives the Baresana and primitive grapes.

The farm is made of 11 trulli which house todays elegant suites and that, leaned one against the other, give the structure the sensation of being in a small village, a theatre set in the Mediterranean countryside.

A mandarin, lemon, plum, pear, cherry orchard and a vegetable garden with vegetables typical of this land complete this marvellous scenario. On the background an old oak tree casts shadows by the poolside.

Getting married at the Country Masseria means to choose an exceptional wedding in an original and exclusive location, steeped in history and tradition.

Every corner of the masseria is breathtaking. Several backgrounds will be the set for your wedding such as: the wheat fields stretching out as far as the eye can see, the sunset standing over the ancient big oak tree; the majestic and expressive sequence of the trulli – typical cone roof houses of this area; the lovely chapel which is considered the undisputed Lady of the farmyard, with its elegant and refined style, and last but not least the enchanting expanse of vineyards with its fine grape quality.

At the Masseria, the newlyweds will spend the night in the Honeymoon Suite, hosting relatives and friends in the other charming rooms. The venue will be entirely reserved to the couples and their guests for the duration of the overnight stay.