This villa is a real paradise for countryside lovers. Located in proximity of Martina Franca, among the trulli of Itria valley, it has been entirely restored and furnished with original elements of the early 18th century, when the villa was built. Guests benefit from an exclusive privacy in the 6 suites obtained by the front-door patios.
Intimate relaxation moments can be enjoyed at the private swimming pool in the Mediterranean style backyard, reading a book in the shade of a single fig tree or take a nap in the oasis of prickly pears.
The private Enoteca is the perfect place to have an Aperitivo and enjoy the local Antipasti. The “Palmento”, where the farmers used to produce their olive oil and wine, is now a fantastic breakfast room. The advantage of a Puglia Villa is that its thick and ancient walls isolate the outside temperature so well, that during the summer it is refreshingly cool and during the winter it is warm and cosy inside.
Book this venue if you are looking for a glamorous wedding location, where you will surely find authentic atmosphere, beautiful landscapes and great care of details.