The Oasis Beach Club is located close to the natural reserve of Torre Guaceto. It is a natural terrace in meadow that ends in the blue of the sea.

A few words, intense emotions, happy smiles. The beginning of an imperishable love path, one day that has to be perfect in every detail. A dreamlike place, seal of perfect, eternal union, subtended by a single philosophy: the high quality allowing us to transform our work into art.

Inside the marine area of Torre Guaceto, one of the most stunning places of the whole Mediterranean, you can have your magic day with all the necessary assistance given from our expert staff.

Symbolic ceremony can be arranged directly on the beach, followed by an elegant reception that will be tailored on your wishes and desires.

The food here is paired with the best wines coming from Puglia, other Italian regions and international countries. A combination of red, rosé, white bubbles and liqueur wines, all to be tested. Get involved with our experts for the right combination of smells and flavors.